Jun 022014
Game Review: Mario Kart 8

Not to jump to immediate conclusions, but with the release of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U it looks as if Nintendo proved they could save the console with a single highly anticipated game. Wii U sales increased dramatically this past weekend due to the release of this next installment in gaming’s most famous kart racing series. And while [Read more…]

Apr 282014
Game Review: Trials Fusion

In recent years, driving games have embraced a jack-of-all-trades attitude.  You’ll sell more copies if you can be everything to everyone, or so the thinking goes.  Start with an enormous range of vehicles, tracks, and game modes, and add on an array of assists that allow players of any skill level to enjoy the game.  The result is a huge [Read more…]

Apr 032014
Game Review: Tanto Cuore

Deck-building card games are a strangely fascinating part of the tabletop world.  Where a traditional trading card deck is build before the game actually takes place, deck-building games make this process part of the competition.  It’s an unusual choice that gives players a chance to chat and joke about one another’s strategies over the course of the game.  This is [Read more…]

Feb 202014
Game Review/Preview: Titanfall Beta

With the Titanfall beta wrapped up, things are looking fairly promising for the highly anticipated shooter.  The game’s core mechanics are solid, and the maps and modes present in the beta seemed to be well thought out.  In its final retail version, Titanfall stands a good chance of becoming a major selling point for the Xbox One.  Unless, of course, [Read more…]

Feb 172014
Game Review: World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

There’s something delightfully simple about tanks in video games.  The “tank level” has long been a staple of first-person shooters, offering gamers a brief respite from the tactical stresses of infantry combat.  Enemies that would be terrifying on foot are mere cannon fodder when you’re encased in an armored shell of awesomeness.  Be it the Scorpion from the Halo series [Read more…]

Jan 162014
Game Review: Samurai Gunn

Reviewing a game like Samurai Gunn objectively, while at the same time trying to account for everyone’s subjective experience, is impossible. I remember my friends and I turning to each other and calling the game our “game of the year” for 2013. This may seem completely ridiculous to some. How can an 8-bit art style stack up to the visual [Read more…]

Nov 052013
Game Review: Pokémon X & Y

To say that Pokémon X & Y was a highly anticipated game is probably an understatement. Pair that with the fact that it pushed most of the people I know to spend a couple hundred bucks on a 3DS and expectations were pretty high. Oh yeah, and let’s not forgot they added a whole new type of Pokémon with the [Read more…]