About The Website

SharkPuppet.com is home to a variety of blogs and video series that strive to offer a new perspective on geek culture. We mostly cover video games and anime, but our writers and producers are free to focus on what matters most to them. We all care deeply about the things we cover, and hope to share that passion with our audience in a unique and entertaining way.


About Our Staff

Paul Jensen is the owner of Shark Puppet Media and the ruthless dictator of SharkPuppet.com. He also writes Pit Box One and Kawaii Overthink, produces all of our videos, and maintains the website. You can argue with him on Twitter, but he’ll probably just ignore you.

Steven Brasley is the author of The Minus World. You should visit his portfolio and follow him on Twitter.

Kyle Robertson is the author of Channel Chaser. You can see more of his work on his website.

Chris Zaccaria is the author of Shark Puppet Pub and makes regular appearances in our videos. Feel free to question his taste in beer on Twitter.

Mr. Shark the shark puppet is the host of Shark vs Anime. He has a paralyzing fear of smartphones, tablets, and computers.


About The Company

Shark Puppet Media was founded in January of 2013. Our mission is to produce written and video content of the highest possible quality, and to share our work with the world. We’re a tiny company with limited resources, but hope to grow over time through the talent of our production team and the support of our fans.


Privacy Policy

We collect anonymous information about traffic on our website via Google Analytics. This information is used exclusively to analyze our own performance. We do not share, sell, or give it to any other companies, organizations, or individuals unless required to do so by law.