Jan 052015

We’re still getting back up to speed after the holiday season, but here are some updates on the status of our regular columns: The Minus World will return to its usual schedule tomorrow. This Week in Anime will return next week with a slightly modified format. Channel Chaser will be returning soon (we don’t have an official release date for [Read more…]

Dec 022014

This Week in Anime and Channel Chaser will not be running this week. Paul is working on a more in-depth article and Kyle is taking some time off while he starts up a new job. This Week in Anime will return next Monday. Channel Chaser will return in January. Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll pardon our dust.

Aug 292014

Check off another item on the World Domination To-Do List, because we’ve just had our first interview. Our gaming editor Steven and editor in chief Paul recently spoke with Steven Vitte of the Gaming Journalist Gazette about how the site came to be and how we go about covering video games. You can read the full interview transcript on the [Read more…]

Jan 062014

Hi there, folks.  As you may have noticed, it’s a new year, full of hope and yet-unbroken resolutions.  As we head into this first part of 2014, there will be a few things changing on the site, along with many things staying the same.  We’re looking forward to bringing you all kinds of new and exciting content this year, and [Read more…]