May 272014
Why Are Cutscene “Movies” So Popular?

I’ll bet you’re getting pretty excited for those upcoming video game film adaptations getting hyped up in Hollywood right now. Getting to see The Last of Us and Assassin’s Creed on the silver screen probably sounds so amazing, you probably can’t wait another second to watch them! Well, what if I told you that you can watch a The Last [Read more…]

May 212014
Six Video Game Tunes to Liven Up Your Beach Party

More college semesters are ending by the week, and soon high schools and elementary schools across the country will follow. That means there’s only one thing on the minds of youths right now: SUMMER VACATION! As I’ve shown through lists like these before, video game music provides the perfect theme for any holiday or season, and the summertime is no [Read more…]

May 132014
Can Nintendo Build a Good Theme Park?

Before I was a video game fan, I was a theme park junkie: before I picked up my first Game Boy, I begged my parents to take me to Walt Disney World. Today, I am a nerd in two areas: rides and games. And now, I’m seeing those two distinctly different realms of geekdom beginning to converge. Iconic geek culture [Read more…]

May 062014
Five Games to Help You Procrastinate on Final Exams

You’ve finally made it. Another grueling school year of classes, projects, papers and tests is finally almost over. But if you’re like most “model” students, you’re going to want to avoid the panic-inducing stress of your greatest obstacle, the dreaded final exams, for as long as humanly possible. Luckily for you, there are far too many video games that are [Read more…]

Apr 222014
Can a BioShock Movie Really Work?

True story: just before I sat down to write this article I went to my stovetop and made myself a huge bucket of delicious, buttery, salty popcorn (I’ve learned through experience that microwave popcorn pales in comparison to making it on the stove). Not only do I know a thing or two about making great movie snacks, I also know [Read more…]

Apr 152014
PAX East 2014 Wrap-Up

All I can start this musing off with is: wow. I am still recovering from what was an incredible, epic weekend of video games and gaming culture as far as the eye can see. PAX East 2014 was the largest convention I had ever attended. I felt very overwhelmed at first, but eventually I got my bearings and experienced tons [Read more…]

Mar 252014
What’s the Deal With All These “Simulator” Games?

Have you ever felt like “simulator” games are starting to oversaturate the PC gaming market? I started to feel that way this week. I could accept the hype behind Train Simulator, because many real train enthusiasts play such a game seriously. And I enjoy Surgeon Simulator; while it is silly with its broken physics engine and complicated controls, you’re motivated [Read more…]