Apr 142015
Spring Anime Preview Part One: Could be Good

It’s the start of a new anime season, and that can only mean one thing: time to start judging books by their covers! Rather than put you all through a detailed preview of every new series out there, I’ll be focusing on a few promising titles in this pair of articles. For part one, let’s take a look at some [Read more…]

Apr 082015
This Week in TV News: Casting and Characters

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! If anyone’s been paying attention to the world of television recently, you’ll know that there’s some pretty big stuff coming out in terms of casting for a couple of well-known networks and shows. Both of these items have me very, very excited for a lot of different reasons, so I’ll just go ahead and get [Read more…]

Apr 012015
House of Cards Collapses (Partially) in Season Three

Welcome back to another edition of Channel Chaser! Instead of my normal review of a new show that I haven’t talked about this week, I’ve decided to go back to an old subject that’s just recently gotten its newest season. I’m speaking, of course, about the Netflix-exclusive political drama House of Cards. If you’re a fan and you haven’t watched [Read more…]

Mar 312015

It’s that time again: the two-ish weeks in which most current anime series hit their season or series finales. Apart from the shows I’m paid to review on a weekly basis, though, I haven’t watched the end of anything. From Death Parade to Your Lie in April, everything I watch for fun sits unfinished in my streaming queue. Hell, I [Read more…]

Mar 252015
Who will be the Next Jon Stewart?

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! I’m sure everyone has heard the news by now and it’s a bit old at this point, but sadly comedian and political activist Jon Stewart will be leaving his post as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show later this year. I guess it’s not really a surprise: we all knew this day would eventually [Read more…]

Mar 242015

This week’s topic is a pretty simple one: I found a cool thing on the Internet. No deep insights or industry analysis, just several minutes of Star Wars ships blasting one another to pieces in a lavishly detailed, old school anime style. Kind of a tenuous link to this column’s subject matter, but who cares? Things blow up real good. [Read more…]

Mar 182015
Jericho Stands Alone, but Still Strong

Welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser! We’re back to reviews for this week, and honestly I can’t believe that I haven’t talked about today’s topic before now. Sure, I’ve mentioned it in passing a few times, but as one of my top ten favorite TV shows ever, you’d think I would have made it more of a priority. Oh [Read more…]

Mar 112015
The Most Human: A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Welcome back to Channel Chaser. You may have noted the lack of my customary, cheerful exclamation point after that first sentence and figured already that I’m bearing some bad news. Well, you’d be right. The truth is that I don’t feel all that happy this week, and there’s a reason why that is: the unfortunate and untimely death of one [Read more…]

Mar 112015
This Week in Anime: Too Much, Too Fast

I’ve been writing about anime on this site since October of 2013, and made stupid YouTube videos about it before that. Toss in my professional review work for Anime News Network (started in August 2014) and I’ve done enough of this for long enough that it’s started to affect how I react to what I watch. I may write further [Read more…]

Mar 042015
Heroes Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! It’s once again time for a review, and this week I’m turning back the clock by just a few years to take a look at a show that’s polarized viewers and critics alike: NBC’s short-lived superhero drama Heroes. Heroes, created in 2006 by TV visionary Tim Kring, was imagined and presented as a sort of [Read more…]