Apr 142015
Spring Anime Preview Part One: Could be Good

It’s the start of a new anime season, and that can only mean one thing: time to start judging books by their covers! Rather than put you all through a detailed preview of every new series out there, I’ll be focusing on a few promising titles in this pair of articles. For part one, let’s take a look at some [Read more…]

Mar 312015

It’s that time again: the two-ish weeks in which most current anime series hit their season or series finales. Apart from the shows I’m paid to review on a weekly basis, though, I haven’t watched the end of anything. From Death Parade to Your Lie in April, everything I watch for fun sits unfinished in my streaming queue. Hell, I [Read more…]

Mar 242015

This week’s topic is a pretty simple one: I found a cool thing on the Internet. No deep insights or industry analysis, just several minutes of Star Wars ships blasting one another to pieces in a lavishly detailed, old school anime style. Kind of a tenuous link to this column’s subject matter, but who cares? Things blow up real good. [Read more…]

Mar 112015
This Week in Anime: Too Much, Too Fast

I’ve been writing about anime on this site since October of 2013, and made stupid YouTube videos about it before that. Toss in my professional review work for Anime News Network (started in August 2014) and I’ve done enough of this for long enough that it’s started to affect how I react to what I watch. I may write further [Read more…]

Feb 232015
This Week in Anime: Big Pile 'O Manga

I bought half a dozen volumes of manga from Right Stuf a little while ago. Some were on sale, while others had simply been sitting on my “buy this eventually” list for far too long. The box arrived over the weekend, and something occurred to me as I stared at the pile of books: my taste in manga is more [Read more…]

Feb 162015
This Week in Anime: The Die Has Been (Broad)cast

There are plenty of things to like about streaming anime. A few bucks a month gets you more content than the average human could possibly watch, available in HD whenever and wherever you want. One of the few things that the simulcast scene has been missing is a sense of occasion. New episodes tend to come out in the middle [Read more…]

Feb 112015
This Week in Anime: What's in the Box?

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I wavered back and forth for months over whether or not to buy the collector’s edition of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions but couldn’t quite sell myself on paying that much for a 13-episode series. After a few weeks of writing for Anime News Network’s Shelf Life column, take a wild guess as [Read more…]

Feb 022015
This Week in Anime: Killer Dubs and Delayed Assassins

After taking a week off to stare down some northeastern wintry armageddon, This Week in Anime is back in business. I’ll be offering some short takes on a few different topics this week, so let’s get to it.   Kill la Kill on TV The English dub of Kill la Kill premieres on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block this weekend, which [Read more…]

Jan 192015
This Week in Anime: New Season, New Shows

Hey there, Internet. It’s been a while, mostly because I’ve been reworking the structure of this column (again). As I spend more and more time writing for sites other than my own, I’ve had less of an opportunity to put stuff together for this column. The good news is that I’ve worked out a format that should be easy enough [Read more…]

Dec 092014
This Week in Anime: Ships and Witches

Are we really so far into December that people are starting to put together “Best of 2014” lists? As crazy as it feels, we are. We’ll have a few of those between now and January, but right now it’s time for This Week in Anime.   Shipping Out The anime adaptation of Kantai Collection premieres next season, and it’s one [Read more…]