Jun 172015
Has Game of Thrones “Lost” Its Way?

Well…that was anticlimactic. Anyway, welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser. I just thought I’d express my disappointment right away so there’s no doubt in your minds as to how I felt about the end of this season of Game of Thrones. And it’s not just that it wasn’t a good finale episode, either: this whole season, in my view, [Read more…]

Jun 102015
The Flash Runs Away With TV Greatness

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! I’ve been dying to do it for a while, but now that the season is over I can finally address it knowing everything I need to know. That’s right: today I’ll be talking about the CW’s newest super-powered hit, The Flash! I’m sure anyone who knows even a little about comics doesn’t really need to [Read more…]

Jun 032015
Ten Important Life Lessons I Learned from Star Trek

Welcome back to another edition of Channel Chaser! I’ve recently been taking a trip in the way, way, way back machine of Netflix to enjoy the 60’s-era sci-fi classic Star Trek (that’s the Original Series for you uninitiated). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in spite of the cheesy special effects and sometimes wooden acting, Star Trek [Read more…]

May 272015
Family Matters... or Not: A Review of Arrested Development

Welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser! Well, I finally swallowed my pride and completed my long-overdue viewing of Netflix’s fourth season of the former TV sitcom Arrested Development. I was such a huge fan of the show during its run, and then was so disappointed by its lackluster return online, that for a long time I refused to have [Read more…]

May 212015
10 Actors Every TV Fan Needs to Know

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! If you watch a lot of TV like me, then you’ve probably had a similar experience to this pretty often: you’re watching a new show and you see a face in the background or in passing, usually a more minor character, that looks very familiar. You’re convinced you’ve seen them somewhere before, and you wrack [Read more…]

May 132015
4400 Problems, but the Show Ain’t One

Yeah, I was really trying hard to come up with that title… Anyway, welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser! As you may have guessed (or not) from the title of today’s review, I’ll be taking a look at USA’s short-lived sci-fi series The 4400. While this show pretty much flew under the radar both before and since its release, [Read more…]

May 062015
Some Burning Questions for 2015’s Season Wrap-Up

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! Once again, it’s about that time of year when our favorite shows go away for another few months until the next seasons come along. With only a few episodes left for most of the shows I’ve personally been following, I wanted to offer some speculation on where things could be going, both before and after [Read more…]

Apr 292015
Marvel’s Daredevil Isn’t Daring Enough

Welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser! Because it seems that all I’ve talked about recently is how great the shows out there right now based on DC Comics characters are, it’s time to give Marvel another shot at the small screen, and the perfect opportunity has presented itself with Daredevil, the first Netflix-exclusive series in Marvel’s arsenal. Now I [Read more…]

Apr 222015
Inside Jokes: How TV Handles TV

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! Most TV shows out there are, as well all know very well, works of fiction. But what happens when fictional worlds develop fictions of their own? It actually happens a lot more than you’d think. There are a lot of ways that a fictional show, no matter how far separated it may be from real [Read more…]

Apr 152015
Terror and Truth in The Twilight Zone

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! Recently I’ve been a bit unwilling to commit to starting any new show, so as often happens, I’ve fallen back on re-watching some old favorites of mine. And without a doubt, one of the perennial choices that I can never get tired of seeing is the classic 1950s series The Twilight Zone. There’s a lot [Read more…]