Jul 082014
Sorry, Sega: Sonic the Hedgehog is Better Off in the Hands of the Fans

Over the Independence Day weekend, YouTube user and Source Filmmaker expert “Hypo” uploaded another of his creations from the Valve filmmaking software, a recreation of a cutscene from Sonic Adventure 2: The top comments were all incredibly positive, ranging from “this looks better than the game” to “Sega should hire this man.” I agree; they should. And while they’re at [Read more...]

Jun 302014
It’s Time to Get Excited about Video Game Speed Runs

More than 1.2 million views now grace the video that intrigued the video game community this past weekend, a new attempt at a world record speed run of the original Super Mario Bros. Whether or not you can consider this attempt by YouTube user “Lord Saradoc” as an officially recognized world record attempt, however, is up for debate. Many wisdom-filled [Read more...]

Jun 242014
Eight Other Real-World Cars We Need in Mario Kart 8

You may have heard by now that Nintendo and Mercedes struck a marketing deal that will bring the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA class vehicle into Mario Kart 8 as downloadable content later this summer. This is an interesting move by Nintendo, adding a real-world car to the cartoony and whimsical world of Mushroom Kingdom kart racing. But here’s one way [Read more...]

Jun 102014
Who “Won” E3 2014? Nobody.

It’s the debate I hear every year. It has become so big that Spike, the CNN of game journalism, opened up their E3 coverage depicting the keynotes between the top video game companies as a war that has yet to be finished. The question: who “won” E3 2014? Well, this year I’m not answering by saying Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. [Read more...]

Jun 022014
Game Review: Mario Kart 8

Not to jump to immediate conclusions, but with the release of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U it looks as if Nintendo proved they could save the console with a single highly anticipated game. Wii U sales increased dramatically this past weekend due to the release of this next installment in gaming’s most famous kart racing series. And while [Read more...]

May 272014
Why Are Cutscene “Movies” So Popular?

I’ll bet you’re getting pretty excited for those upcoming video game film adaptations getting hyped up in Hollywood right now. Getting to see The Last of Us and Assassin’s Creed on the silver screen probably sounds so amazing, you probably can’t wait another second to watch them! Well, what if I told you that you can watch a The Last [Read more...]

May 212014
Six Video Game Tunes to Liven Up Your Beach Party

More college semesters are ending by the week, and soon high schools and elementary schools across the country will follow. That means there’s only one thing on the minds of youths right now: SUMMER VACATION! As I’ve shown through lists like these before, video game music provides the perfect theme for any holiday or season, and the summertime is no [Read more...]