Apr 152014
PAX East 2014 Wrap-Up

All I can start this musing off with is: wow. I am still recovering from what was an incredible, epic weekend of video games and gaming culture as far as the eye can see. PAX East 2014 was the largest convention I had ever attended. I felt very overwhelmed at first, but eventually I got my bearings and experienced tons [Read more...]

Mar 252014
What’s the Deal With All These “Simulator” Games?

Have you ever felt like “simulator” games are starting to oversaturate the PC gaming market? I started to feel that way this week. I could accept the hype behind Train Simulator, because many real train enthusiasts play such a game seriously. And I enjoy Surgeon Simulator; while it is silly with its broken physics engine and complicated controls, you’re motivated [Read more...]

Mar 112014
Travel Ideas for an Epic Gamer’s Spring Break

The snow is finally starting to melt, and you know what that means: we’re now at the start of Spring Break season. It’s that glorious time of year when most college students head for the beach to binge-drink and then make decisions they’ll probably regret once they sober up and notice every drunken action they forgot about is up on [Read more...]

Mar 042014
Can Video Games Promote Peace?

Take all the time you need to absorb that question; I know it’s a pretty bold one to ask. When you consider most triple-A titles today contain more gunfire, bombs and destruction than the collected film history of Michael Bay, it can be hard to imagine that video games could also be a medium to resolve global conflicts rather than [Read more...]

Feb 182014
Can Looking Back Develop a Better Modern Gaming Experience?

I recently dropped $399 on a beautiful Wii U, capable of high-definition graphics and endless gameplay configurations thanks to its tablet-like Gamepad. But the game I enjoyed playing the most on my Wii U so far is a traditional platformer that only uses a D-pad and two buttons. That’s right, I can’t get enough of my $20 copy of DuckTales: [Read more...]

Feb 112014
“Sonic Boom” Could be the Reboot the Blue Blur Sorely Needs

I know, that may be a tough headline to read for people familiar with the “Sonic cycle,” the seemingly never-ending sequence where a new Sonic the Hedgehog game gets announced, people get into a frenzy thinking this game will revive Sega’s most famous franchise, only to be disappointed when they play the game and find it’s just as mediocre as [Read more...]