Jan 282015
The Best and Worst of Lost

Welcome back to Channel Chaser, as well as part two of my look at ABC’s critically acclaimed drama series Lost! Since I could only give a very general overview of such a deep and complex show in my review last week, I figured I would go into more detail this week on exactly what some of my favorite (and least [Read more…]

Jan 212015
Lost Can’t Find a Plot, but Discovers True Heart

Welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser! Today I’m finally going to tackle something that I’ve been thinking about for a long, long time: my thoughts on ABC’s legendary drama series Lost. Strap in, because this is going to be a wild ride. Let me preface this entire discussion by saying that my feelings about Lost are very, very conflicted. [Read more…]

Jan 192015
This Week in Anime: New Season, New Shows

Hey there, Internet. It’s been a while, mostly because I’ve been reworking the structure of this column (again). As I spend more and more time writing for sites other than my own, I’ve had less of an opportunity to put stuff together for this column. The good news is that I’ve worked out a format that should be easy enough [Read more…]

Jan 142015
Six Holiday Episodes to Entertain You This Season

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! I know it’s kind of late to bring up the holidays at this point, but with my column on hiatus for the past several weeks I really didn’t get a chance to cover them the way I wanted to. Let’s fix that. A lot of TV shows out there are famous for their treatments of [Read more…]

Jan 052015

We’re still getting back up to speed after the holiday season, but here are some updates on the status of our regular columns: The Minus World will return to its usual schedule tomorrow. This Week in Anime will return next week with a slightly modified format. Channel Chaser will be returning soon (we don’t have an official release date for [Read more…]

Dec 092014
The Console Wars, Part II: The Battle for Exclusivity

One of the biggest announcements from Sony’s mega-press conference this weekend really got the crowd pumped up: Street Fighter V is on its way… …But you can only throw those sweet next-gen Hadoukens on the PC and PlayStation 4. Sorry, Microsoft and Nintendo fans. Nevertheless, the crowd at Sony’s event didn’t seem to mind the console exclusivity for the next [Read more…]

Dec 092014
This Week in Anime: Ships and Witches

Are we really so far into December that people are starting to put together “Best of 2014” lists? As crazy as it feels, we are. We’ll have a few of those between now and January, but right now it’s time for This Week in Anime.   Shipping Out The anime adaptation of Kantai Collection premieres next season, and it’s one [Read more…]

Dec 022014
“The Game Awards” Could Raise the Bar for Gaming Award Shows… and Here's How Geoff Keighley Can Do It

Ahh, December… The month when we all look forward to what games will lie beneath our Christmas trees… When we also look back at gaming’s past year… and immediately feel embarrassed with how gaming culture is represented in other forms of media. I’m talking about the Spike Video Game Awards, which for ten years served as an awkward look at [Read more…]