Oct 202014
This Week in Anime: 'Tis the Season

As you may or may not have noticed, our anime coverage has been a bit sparse lately, courtesy of some writing gigs I’ve picked up elsewhere on the Internet. This will hopefully mark the return of regular anime content here on SharkPuppet.com, albeit with a few format changes. This Week in Anime will be following a less formal structure for [Read more...]

Oct 172014
House of Cards: A Shaky Foundation

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! Once again it’s time for a show review, and this week I’m going off the TV screen and onto the Internet. Today’s topic of examination is Netflix’s critically acclaimed drama series House of Cards. The show features a great cast and has a fascinating setting in Washington D.C., the home of political intrigue, but how [Read more...]

Oct 052014
The Countdown: TV’s Five Best Villains

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another week’s edition of Channel Chaser! Since I seem to enjoy doing list articles a lot, I decided to just make said articles a recurring segment called “The Countdown.” And for today’s topic, I’d like to thank the staff of Dorkly.com for providing me with an interesting topic for reflection: the best bad guys [Read more...]

Sep 262014
Good News, Everyone! A Review of Futurama

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! So once again it’s time for a retro TV review, and this week I’ll be taking you on a jaunt into the far future with the FOX cartoon Futurama, a show that is very near and dear to my heart. Futurama began innocently enough in 1999 as a companion project to the hit primetime series [Read more...]

Sep 222014
This Week in Anime: Talk Show Idol

The end of an anime season is always a strange experience. So often, it ends up being hard to say goodbye to shows that you almost didn’t even watch, while early favorites can’t be over soon enough. Of course, maybe that’s just my natural tendency to love any series that exceeds my expectations. Enough ramblings, though, because it’s time for [Read more...]

Sep 192014
The Five Most Influential Shows in TV History

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Channel Chaser! For today’s topic, I’m going to take you through a very short list of what I believe to be the most important shows in the history of television. I should preface this by saying that when I define a show as “important,” I don’t necessarily mean that I like [Read more...]

Sep 162014
This Week in Anime: Game Over, Man

Hello again, Internet. Fall draws ever closer, bringing colder weather with it. Most folks would complain, but we all know that those gray skies just mean more excuses to stay inside and watch more anime. There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a hot cup of caffeine and melting away into a world of two-dimensional goodness. Start making that hot [Read more...]

Sep 122014
A Space Odyssey: The Giant Stargate Series Review, Part 2

Welcome back to Channel Chaser, and the second part of my review of the long-running sci-fi franchise Stargate. Two weeks ago, we addressed the show that started it all, Stargate SG-1. Today, we’ll be moving on to the later spin-offs inspired by the success of SG-1, brining new cast members in the Stargate family and sometimes even crossing over between [Read more...]

Sep 082014
This Week in Anime: Bet on the Underdog

Nothing like a long weekend to provide a convenient excuse for taking a week off from a regular column. In any case, This Week in Anime is back for more news and reviews, so sit back and enjoy. We’ve got plenty to catch up on, and a delightful little underdog of a show to review. Onward to anime!   Simulcast [Read more...]

Sep 052014
Shows to Watch For: Fall 2014 Edition

Welcome back once again to Channel Chaser! I’ve been looking over the lineup of new shows for this fall, and man, is there some exciting stuff coming up. Everything from cop dramas to comic book adaptations, fantasy adventures and sitcoms is getting a makeover this year, and with some pretty great actors as well. So this week, I thought I’d [Read more...]