Jul 302014
When is an Anime Parody not a Parody?

The anime world loves a good parody. Whether it’s a casual Gundam reference or a full series dedicated to lampooning magical girl tropes, there’s a seemingly endless market for poking fun at the classics. At its best, this style of humor can serve as both entertainment and criticism, and can help shake us out of our complacency when it comes [Read more...]

Jul 292014
Do We Really Need Remakes and Re-Releases This Early?

When I bought my Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, I made sure to install some of my favorite classic games onto it so I can enjoy some 8-bit goodness wherever I go. With games like the original Super Mario Bros. and 3D Space Harrier installed on my 3DS, I literally have some of the best titles from the glory days [Read more...]

Jul 252014
The New Doctor Who: Suspicions and Speculation

Hello all, and welcome to this edition of Channel Chaser! Now I don’t know about all of you, but when a new TV series is announced, I instantly make it my business to find out everything I can about it before it actually comes on. Maybe this is spoiling things a little for myself, but it’s just sort of compulsive. [Read more...]

Jul 232014
Is There a "Best" Way to Watch Anime?

Any public form of entertainment has its own set of rules for the audience to follow. Go to a movie theater and you’ll be expected to shut off your phone (yes, including YOU, guy in the front row) and keep quiet during the film. Go to a sports event, on the other hand, and you’ll be encouraged to scream until [Read more...]

Jul 182014
Battlestar Galactica: An Out-Of-This-World Classic

Hello again, and welcome back to Channel Chaser! Last week I talked about how so many TV shows out there right now seem to be tied to visions of the apocalypse, or the end of the world. So for my review today, I felt it was only fitting that I address one of my favorite shows, and one that I [Read more...]

Jul 162014
How Sports Anime Finally Found a Fanbase in the US

It’s a good time for sports anime. Yowamushi Pedal is set to return in the fall after an initial 38-episode run, while volleyball series Haikyu!! is finally kicking off its first big tournament story arc. The Free! juggernaut continues to roll onward, drawing in a variety of fans in its target demographic and beyond. The genre is even being used [Read more...]

Jul 102014
Why TV is Obsessed With Apocalypse

Welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser! Today I’d like to start things off with a question. Is it just me, or are the premises of new TV shows looking bleaker and bleaker every time I see a new trailer? Let’s consider some of the latest new dramas and currently popular offerings available, for starters. Among many others, we see [Read more...]