Dec 092014
The Console Wars, Part II: The Battle for Exclusivity

One of the biggest announcements from Sony’s mega-press conference this weekend really got the crowd pumped up: Street Fighter V is on its way… …But you can only throw those sweet next-gen Hadoukens on the PC and PlayStation 4. Sorry, Microsoft and Nintendo fans. Nevertheless, the crowd at Sony’s event didn’t seem to mind the console exclusivity for the next [Read more...]

Dec 092014
This Week in Anime: Ships and Witches

Are we really so far into December that people are starting to put together “Best of 2014” lists? As crazy as it feels, we are. We’ll have a few of those between now and January, but right now it’s time for This Week in Anime.   Shipping Out The anime adaptation of Kantai Collection premieres next season, and it’s one [Read more...]

Dec 022014
“The Game Awards” Could Raise the Bar for Gaming Award Shows… and Here's How Geoff Keighley Can Do It

Ahh, December… The month when we all look forward to what games will lie beneath our Christmas trees… When we also look back at gaming’s past year… and immediately feel embarrassed with how gaming culture is represented in other forms of media. I’m talking about the Spike Video Game Awards, which for ten years served as an awkward look at [Read more...]

Dec 022014

This Week in Anime and Channel Chaser will not be running this week. Paul is working on a more in-depth article and Kyle is taking some time off while he starts up a new job. This Week in Anime will return next Monday. Channel Chaser will return in January. Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll pardon our dust.

Nov 282014
The Force is With Disney’s Star Wars: Rebels

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Channel Chaser! With all the buzz going around this week about trailers and reveals for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, I figured today might be a good time to address one of Disney’s more current forays into the famous sci-fi franchise: the new, animated series Star Wars: Rebels. Visually very similar [Read more...]

Nov 242014
Game Review: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

I came to an interesting realization after spending some time this weekend playing Pokémon Omega Ruby, the sixth-gen remake of Pokémon Ruby for the Game Boy Advance: during the early 2000s, Nintendo was really obsessed with nautical exploration. You could surf the massive seas of the Hoenn region in Ruby and Sapphire on your Game Boy, then for more seafaring [Read more...]

Nov 242014
This Week in Anime: Remember the Titans?

The holidays are coming. Across the Internet, anime and manga retailers are starting to roll out the big discounts. In a related phenomenon, anime and manga fans are starting to inflict horrible agony upon their wallets. Holiday gifts be damned, we’ve got box sets to buy! While you sit and wait for your favorite series to go on sale, let’s [Read more...]

Nov 212014
What May Be Next For the CW’s DC Universe

Welcome back to Channel Chaser! If you’ll recall a while back, a wrote an article detailing my wish list for the CW Network’s newly-founded DC comics universe, as established by the TV shows Arrow and The Flash. While not all of my hopes and dreams have been confirmed as of yet, a closer look at both of these shows, as [Read more...]

Nov 182014
Re-Discovering Community at Bakuretsu Con

Starting anew sure is hard. I think you can understand where I’m coming from, since you know I had to take a long hiatus from writing The Minus World for the past couple of months as I started working full-time. In the beginning I put in long and stressful hours, and I often doubted whether I was even capable of [Read more...]