Mar 192014

Anime Boston is this weekend, and those of you reading this are either going or living vicariously through articles about it.  Either way, there’s a lot going on at the big name in east coast anime conventions, so here’s a quick look at some of the most important things happening this year.


Attack on Titan dub

After revealing the English cast a few names at a time, Funimation will finally premiere the dub of Attack on Titan at Anime Boston.  The screening and Q&A session will happen at 4:30 on Saturday, and woe to anyone whose panel is scheduled at the same time.  Even if you’re not a die-hard dub fan, it’s probably worth going just for the experience of watching an A-list series with a packed crowd of fans.


Dai Sato

There’s a darned good chance that Dai Sato is the writer behind your favorite anime series.  His credits include Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Eden of the East, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, not to mention the awesomely trippy Space Dandy.  In addition to the standard autograph session, he’ll be doing a panel at 2:30 on Saturday.  You’ll be able to find me there by looking for the ridiculously excited guy with a press pass.


Spring simulcast announcements

Gosh, it seems like Anime Boston matches up conveniently with the end of the winter anime season.  I wonder what Crunchyroll and Funimation will be announcing at their industry panels?  If you want to hear about the new season’s simulcasts, get ready to sprint from room to room on Saturday afternoon.  Sadly, it looks like you’ll have to make a tough choice between the Attack on Titan screening and the Crunchroll panel, as they’re scheduled to happen at the same time.  Maybe if you believe in yourself, you’ll find a way to be in two places at once.


Your (empty) wallet

With every anime convention comes a big room full of dealers selling awesome merchandise.  This big room brings with it an age-old question: pay full price on Friday, or wait for discounts on Sunday and risk the stuff you want going out of stock.  All right, fine, so it’s not really a dilemma.  You and I both know you’re going to burn through your war funds on Friday and come back on Sunday to spend even more.  It’ll be as if countless wallets cried out in agony, only to be drowned out by the rustling sound of posters being carefully crammed into backpacks.


Our coverage

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!  As I hinted earlier, we’ve been granted a press pass to Anime Boston this year.  Get ready for some extended coverage, complete with industry analysis, crazy con stories, and perhaps a bit of buyer’s remorse for all the money I’m undoubtedly going to spend.


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